The a ha moment is just around a corner…

Not much a developers post for my first blog post (eh?), but I kind of need to write this for myself. I have this blog up and running for 2 years now, and only post I created was a lazy Hello World! about a year ago. I was so happy and enthusiastic back then, about all the things I can (and will) write about, and then… it never happened. I never sat down and write any of my thoughts and ideas I had.

I don’t know exactly why that never happened but the best explanation I have is that no matter what I know now, as a developer, that is certainly less to what I’ll learn in near future. I could try reasoning myself with being busy or wanting to spend my free time doing something else, but in fact, the problem is much deeper.

The best explanation I currently have is that no matter what I know now, as a developer, that is certainly less to what I’ll learn in near future.

Progressing, as a professional developer, stopped me from writing down a blog post about what I’m currently learning, because – eventually – I’ll be much better at it and then I’ll write a post about it… Then would never happen because at that point I would have already overcome the problem and it would seem irrelevant and unimportant, something like: I’ve already fixed this issue and probably everyone else has too. No matter how wrong or right that is, it always strayed with me.

Only now I’m starting to realise how much further I have come as a developer in past two years, and how much this nonexistent blog helped me improve on my skills by simply “existing in my head”.

Rant over…

I wont write about technology in this post, but remember, no matter what you’re struggling right now, soon you’ll be a master at it – the a ha moment is just around the corner 🙂


Hello world!

Well thank you very much kind blog installation, I’ll be more than happy to visit you some times.


Here’s the piece of code which calls new Activity:

public static void showActivity(Context context) {
    if (context == null) {
        throw new IllegalArgumentException("Context is null");

    Intent intent = new Intent(context, LoginActivity.class);